New Hanover County Firefighter's Association

Ratified and enacted December 9, 2010. Any existing documents of the same or similar title made prior to December 9,2010
are hereby superseded, voided and canceled.


New Hanover County Firefighter's Association

Constitution and By-Laws




We the members of the New Hanover County Firefighter's Association, a non profit, non-stock holding, non-political organization, in order to insure continuity of organization, establish harmony of action, strengthen the flow of communication and information and enhance the cultivation of fraternal fellowship between firefighters of New Hanover County. Do hereby establish the following Constitution and By-Laws.

Article I

This organization shall be known as the New Hanover County Firefighters Association.

Article II

Section 1: The members of this association shall consist of the members or retired members of any fire department of New Hanover County which meets membership qualification specifications as outlined herein. No firefighter whose department is not represented in the Association shall participate as a member. All members represented by this Association must be in good standing with their department or be a retired member from their department with 20 years of service.

 Section 2: The administration of this organization shall be conducted by the membership consisting of one delegate and one alternate delegate from each department in membership and shall be known and function as the board of directors. The delegate representing their respective department shall be endowed with one vote. In the event of their absence, their proper alternate shall assume the delegates voting privilege.

 Section 3: The officers of this organization shall be elected by the board of directors and shall consist of a President, Vice President , Secretary and Treasurer. Officers shall serve for a period of two years from date of installation.
A: Officers shall be nominated at the May Meeting.
B: Officers shall be voted on in the June Meeting.
C: Elected Officers shall assume their office at the July Meeting.
D: Vacancies shall be filled at such time time as best suited or coincide with regularly or specially called meetings.
E: The elected President shall have one vote.

Article III

It shall be the duty of the board of directors to convey at the board of directors meeting the desires and feeling of their respective departments concerning the operation and management of this association and to transact all business of the association.

 Section 1: To acquire monies from any lending institutions two of three signatures are required. The signatures must be from the President, Vice president or Treasurer. Any monies acquired must have a majority vote by the Association Delegates.

Article IV

The board of directors shall meet for the purpose of conducting the business and administration of this organization once a month except when deemed necessary to postpone or cancel such meetings as circumstances may dictate. Special meetings may be held as necessary.

Section 1: The board of directors shall meet at such a time and place as it is most convenient or as called by the President, by a simple majority of members in    attendance.

 Section 2: In the event of less than than fifty percent of represented departments in attendance, no meeting shall be conducted.

Section 3: Special business meetings may be called as necessary, in which case the secretary shall notify each represented department.

Section 4: Failure to conduct 4 or more business meetings shall in no way dissolve this association.

Article V

The board of directors shall have the authority to alter, amend, repeal, or revise this constitution and by-laws by a two thirds majority vote of the delegates in accordance with article IV, Section 2. Motions for amendments, revisions and alterations of this constitution shall be submitted on month prior to the question.




New Hanover County Firefighter's Association





Article I


Section 1: It shall be the duty of the President to preside over the meetings of the association in a manner prescribed by Roberts Rules of Order. He shall have the authority to sign all orders, warrants and or vouchers as authorized by the board of directors and make necessary appointments.

Section 2: It shall be the duty of the Vice President to perform all the duties of the President in the Presidents absence.

Section 3: It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a complete record of all proceedings of the association, keep a roster of departments in membership and make proper notification of meetings to departments as needed.

Section 4: It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive the membership fees and all funds coming into the association. Treasurer shall deposit incoming monies and shall disperse funds as directed by the board of directors. Treasurer shall maintain proper statements and records and report on the associations financial status, debits, credits and liabilities at regular meetings or as called for.



Article II

Proper application for Association Membership shall be made.

Section 1: Application for membership into this association shall.

   A: Let desire be known through written application.

   B: Agree to comply to the constitution, by-laws and amendments.

   C: Be subject to approval by the board of directors.

Article III

Any individual member of this association who at anytime shall fail to act in a professional manner or shall perform acts detrimental to the association may upon charges brought before the association be expelled from the association by a two thirds majority vote as specified in Article IV, Section 2 of the Constitution.


New Hanover County Firefighter's Association


Amendments to the By-Laws


Amendment I

No part of the associations net earnings or accumulated assets is to insure to benefit any of its officers, directors, members or any other private individual.


Amendment II

In the event of dissolution of the association, the distribution of the associations assets shall be decided on by the board of directors and the membership at the time of dissolution.







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